Landscaping with Photoshop!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Sometimes when you arrive for a photo shoot you may have a beautiful new structure to capture but the surrounding landscape needs a little work in order to create a much more pleasing final image. Since the homeowner didn't have any plans to bring in new sod that afternoon, I relied on the next best option - Photoshop. Here is the final image. The details on how this was achieved are outlined below.

Here is the original image as taken without any processing applied. I ended up lightening the left foreground, removed the power lines, darkened the lower front windows to hide some dirt smudges, added contrast and brightening.

For the grass, I shot this image in a nearby park right after I finished the photo shoot and was headed home. I made sure I was facing roughly the same direction in order to capture a similar angle for the shadows, so that when the images were blended, the shadows in the grass would look realistic when placed into the image with the structure.

By using layers in Photoshop, I was able to position the grass image in relation to the structure and then "paint in" the grass over the dirt. Landscaping without having to install new sod! This little bit of extra work produces a final image that allows this new structure to be highlighted by the designer as an example of their work, and also gives the homeowners some inspiration for how their yard could look with some "real" new grass.


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