My Approach and Technique

My number one objective is to produce beautiful professional grade images. These images are designed to be both visually compelling and allow the warmth and uniqueness of the property to be displayed, so that the viewer can begin to form an emotional attachment to the space.


Upon my initial walk through of each property, I will make notes and create a visual map for how I would like to shoot each space within the property. Whether I am working with the listing agent, homeowner, builder or designer, I value your input and objectives as I finalize my plans for each photo session.

I am not the type of photographer that will rush through and shoot with speed in mind and if that’s what you are looking for then I am probably not your best choice. I will spend the time necessary to find the most compelling angles that bring out the best in each room/space, even if that means slightly shifting furniture to maximize the visual impact of the image. I will always obtain permission any time I feel a slight shift in furniture is warranted.

When I shoot a property I will always try to maximize the natural light within the space. As needed, I will supplement natural light with off-camera lighting and manually blend those images together using the best of both to create a final image. While I may use multiple exposure blending techniques, I am not a frequent user of “HDR”. I know a lot of photographers use this approach, primarily as a time saver, but my personal opinion is that HDR images often look unrealistic and may sometimes contain a lot of fringing and noise, which can degrade the visual impact.     


I find that ultra-wide angle lenses can create quite a bit of image distortion, particularly on the edges and also make spaces look much larger than they are in real life. I use several professional quality wide angle lenses that are tremendous for capturing images which create a realistic representation of the space and don’t raise questions in the viewer’s minds about how large the space really is.


One other technique that I like too use is to photograph certain architectural features using either macro or larger zooms to enhance the visual and emotional impact the space has on viewers.


I use a drone for capturing aerial images that provide an overview of the property setting and surrounding area.   




Processing and Delivery

Images are processed and made available to you within 24 hours for your review. I utilize advanced editing techniques in all my shoots to correct for color temperature, highlight and shadow detail, and contrast so that the final set of images accurately capture the property.


The bottom line for me is that beautiful images are my number one goal and if I can achieve that in all of my shoots, we both will succeed!